Beast Grrl 12 will be the first issue entirely edited and inspired by a new wave of Beast Girls. We wanted to commemorate the newness of this era while also paying tribute to our predecessors. Because of this we have decided to call Beast Grrl 12, Renaissance. Renaissance meaning Rebirth seemed fitting to Beast Grrl’s Rebirth. New editors and minds working on the same project. A Rebirth is also taking place in our current political climate as we are seeing the Rebirth of many social and political movements from the past to address current day challenges. We want to look at not only our own Renaissance of sorts but also historical Renaissances, especially the European Renaissance of the 1300s to the 1600s as well as the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. We want to look at similarities in the themes of social change, identity and progress while also taking into account the similarities in aesthetic: the rich colors, the exploration of new mediums and the pushing of the boundaries to what is acceptable. In our submissions we want to see the experiences of women and how that relates to their past. We want inspiration to be taken from the great art of both Renaissances as well as personal rebirths.

For more visual inspiration, visit our moodboard and color schemes (this one, this one, and another one).

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