Submission Guidelines

Hello! Are you considering submitting to Beast Grrl Zine? Here are some things to know!

Beast Grrl Zine publishes art, poetry, and essays.  

We’ll take submissions from anyone, however, our primary goal is to promote the work of teenage girls, and we will prioritize publishing their work.

Before each issue we’ll put out a request for submissions that will include that issue’s themes.  Though we encourage you to work with the theme, if you have another idea please– still send us your work.  We’d love to see it, and even if it doesn’t make it into the current issue, we’d like to publish in either another issue or online.

We’re always interested in helping you out, so if you’re having writer’s block or just want some feedback, please send us an email! 

We print in black & white and color depending on our funds, so we’re really interested in seeing artwork that “works” in both situations. 

Unfortunately, we can’t publish every piece in our zine, we just don’t have enough room!  We like to save pieces that we can’t print in the zine for publication in our newsletter or on tumblr (we’ll always ask your permission before doing this.)

If you’re sending non-digital artwork, we’d much prefer you scan your piece and send it as a .jpeg than take a photo of it. 

We reserve the right to edit your work, which sounds weird but is just so that we can fix grammatical errors etc.  We’ll show you your edited piece before we publish it. 

We may or may not be able to offer you monetary compensation, depending on our funds, but we can offer other opportunities like a wide network of readers and a spot on this site's "contributor" page. 

Beast Grrl Zine is a non-exclusionary project.  We accept work from anyone, no matter your age, gender, weight, race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.

We do not accept work that is racist, homophobic, transphobic, sizeist, ableist, ageist, sexist, etc. If you decide to send us in this work anyway, you will not be getting a response from us.

 We're currently looking for submissions for the theme Roots. More information and inspiration can be found here. Please feel free to submit anything you think we'd be interested in.  

Ready to submit? Click below to send us your work!