Topic Overview

The Beast Grrl After School Program is made up of eight different meetings, each of which has its own topic. Scroll down to read a little bit more about the activities and discussions we have planned.


Meeting #1: Getting to know you

During this meeting, we'll all get to know each other! We've got some icebreakers and group discussions planned so we can talk about everyone's interests. We'll also show a presentation that explains what Beast Grrl Collective is and why we've created this workshop. Afterwards, we'll wrap up with a felt badge craft!

Meeting #2:  Critical discussions

At this meeting, each girl will be given her own journal to keep track of her thoughts on the topics we cover. We'll do an activity to analyze different leadership styles and spend some time setting guidelines for productive group discussions. Everyone will take her journal home after this meeting and record an analysis of a discussion she has outside of the workshop.


Meeting #3: Art and feminism part 1

This meeting will start with an open discussion and journal share to wrap up last meeting's theme of critical discussion. Afterwards, we'll talk a little bit about the Guerilla Girls. Each girl will have some time to investigate a female artist of her choice and create a mini-zine about her artist's work!

Meeting #4: art and feminism part 2

In this meeting, we'll continue to build on the topic of art and feminism. All the girls should finish up their mini-zines. Each girl will make photocopies of her zine and share her work with the rest of the group members. We'll finish up with a discussion about zines as an alternative medium. To prep for meeting #5, each girl will be asked to use her journal to record five things she likes about herself.


Meeting #5: Self-Care and Self-Love

We'll start this meeting with a parfait-making snack activity! Afterwards, we'll discuss self-care and each girl will share her self-love journal entry. This meeting will wrap up with a discussion and demonstration of self-care strategies and tips.



In this meeting, we'll use collectives to join the ideas of feminism, art, and self care. We will encourage the girls to see themselves as a collective of women working to uplift one another. We'll also introduce contemporary feminist collectives and touch on our final project.



Meeting #7: Final presentation planning

We'll use this time to continue developing ideas for meeting #8. The girls can decide how they want to present what they've learned. They'll also develop a plan  to continue supporting each other and other women in their communities once the workshop is over.  


Meeting #8: final presentations

Everyone is welcome to bring parents and friends to this meeting! We'll present what we've been working on in past meetings and talk about what we've learned. Snacks and music will be provided!